2018 Student Exchange: Hosts need for Girls

With so many opportunities to travel to Japan, our delegation sizes tend to ebb and flow, and our delegations are usually smaller than the 18 students that we receive from Hanno each Winter. By sending fewer students than we are hosting, there is a need for additional host families most years. If you are interested in our program, becoming a host family is a wonderful introduction. Please consider taking in a Hanno student for their short stay over Martin Luther King Jr. Day Weekend. The only requirement to apply is that you have a student at Brea-Olinda High School.

This year’s program dates are January 11th – 17th. Here is a PDF copy of our itinerary for you to consider. There will be a mandatory meeting for all host families on the 10th. More information will be provided once you have submitted your application. Thank you for your consideration!

The hosting application should be completed by the hosting student (a student who attends Brea-Olinda High School who intends to spend the most time with the visiting Hanno student). Students will be matched according to gender, so if you have a boy and a girl who would both like to host, please submit two applications.

Apply here or complete the form below:


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